New Horizons Approach to Pluto

New Horions - Pluto







New Horizons is the Closest Space-Probe to Approach Pluto

New Horizons to reconnoiter the dwarf-planet Pluto and it’s moons.

Plutonian surface simulation

The New Horizons probe covered more than a million kilometers per day for nearly six years. New Horizons has a propulsion system more advanced than any other exploratory space probe.

The New Horizons probe is 1.5 billion kilometers from pluto, and is the closest any space-probe has ever gotten to Pluto, and continues to get closer each day, a million kilometers each day.

NASA’s Voyager never came this close to Pluto, and New Horizons continues to set proximity to Pluto records till it gets as close to Pluto, as it’s going to. Approximately 7,767 miles (12,500 kilometers) from the planet, on July 14, 2015. It’s been six years in flight, and just three years until New Horizons encounters the dwarf-planet Pluto.

Current Position- New Horizons

New Horizons is in hibernation-mode, its most essential systems turned off, speeding away from our Sun at over 55,500 kilometers per hour.

At the time New Horizons arrives at Pluto in mid-2015, the planet and its moons will be so close that the space-probe’s cameras will spot features as small as a football field.

Then New Horizons heads off to the Kuiper belt, which is an orbital belt. But not of asteroids, its composed of pluto-like dwarf-plants, complete with their own moons.

New Horizons is approximately as far from Pluto, as Earth is from Saturn.


Outersolarsystem-Kuiper belt (1)

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