Red Bull Stratos

Free Fall From Earth’s Stratosphere

One BIG leap for mankind! RED BULL STRATOS!

Red Bull Stratos Project

This is a brand with probably the highest penetration and largest market share in the global energy drink industry.

The Red Bull energy drink brand has established its sport line with an extremely bold project:

Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner, has established a world-record by falling back down to Earth from 120,000 (~23 miles) feet high. The Red Bull Stratos project has been prepared for three years and now the dream has come true.





                                Red Bull Stratos Banner

The point in focus is Red Bull’s gutsy new project: Red Bull Stratos. On paper it seems simple: One Man – Go to Edge of Space – Jump – 120,000 feet – First Human to break sound barrier – Make Records – Get Talked About.

It is content like this that will get brands talked about. The success lies in finding a great idea and then following through.

This is the new generation of marketing. If brands get this right, we will see a new wave of consumer engagement where television commercials (TVCs) will become obsolete.

So, Where is the Idea?

Here, the idea lies in identifying an opportunity and finding the right man to do something that people will talk about, not only for a few months, but till the record is broken. And the best part is, people will talk about this while the other record is being broken. That is the power of the idea.

The Jump from the Stratosphere!

Free Falling

Plunging Through the Stratosphere

Breaking the sound barrier!

Red Bull Stratos World Record

Felix B. sets world record, for an orbital sky dive from space. At speeds over 800 mph!

The entire jump was just under 5 minutes.

Red Bull World Champion

Red Bull Stratos Most Viewed YouTube Video Ever

The Red Bull Stratos Skydive is the Number One YouTube Video, EVER!

They’ve recovered some interesting footage from the Red Bull capsule.

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