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FBI Reveals Roswell Documents through The Vault

January 9, 2012

The Reality of Roswell

Declassified Documents Tend to Prove Roswell Incident as Science Fact!

Recently declassified documents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation have revealed that government officials reported “flying disks” over Roswell. The report is dated March 22, 1950. Three years after the alleged “Roswell Incident”. For years conspirators have alleged the government of locating and acquiring what are called Flying Disc or Flying Saucers. And keeping the information hidden from the general public in the United States. According to the documents, it appears that there may be some truth in that allegation.

Look at what I found! While snooping in The Vault, the FBI’s cloud-storage for declassified documents. I found the closest thing to the Roswell incident (the X-Files type, not that weather balloon thing) that has ever been released as a declassified document! Special Agent Guy Hottel, of the FBI. He started working for the FBI in 1944, and he investigated Nuclear Scientist!

The vault if the FBI’s online cloud storage system where the FBI uploaded some documents relating to unexplained phenomenons, including reports on ESP and ‘Project Bluebook’. As documents become declassified, the FBI post them here so that the public can see files.

The government of New Zealand has released access to their UFO files to the general public. This alien appeared in their previously classified documents. Notice that it has no hip.

The FBI document, titled Flying Saucers, states that on the night of March 22nd, 1950, an Air Force investigator reported three “flying discs” crashing, approximately 50 feet in diameter, and (this is the creepy part) each containing three bodies. The bodies were three feet tall, dressed in metallic clothing, and each was dressed resembling a “test pilot”. This particular cable was delivered to the Director of the FBI, who was J. Edgar Hoover.

URL for FBI Flying Saucer Report:

PDF Version for this document:

Key CIA documents on Flying Saucers-

On the CIA’s version of The Vault (the “Electronic Reading Room”), you can find more than 240 publicly available documents related to “unidentified flying objects” spanning more than 50 years. The documents are a mixture of first-hand accounts from field agents as well as summaries of press coverage of strange, unexplained events.

There’s a lot of material to sort through. However, the memos do reveal a global post-Roswell paranoia regarding “flying saucers” — all taking place in the context of a Cold War technological-arms race. Here, we present some highlights from more than five decades of America’s super secret spy agency’s investigations into the worldwide UFO phenomenon.

There’s been a lot of speculation in regards to the irony of the “birth of the CIA” (formerly, The Central Intelligence Group [CIG]) in September of 1947, coinciding with all the “flying saucer (UFO) activity” beginning (publicly speaking) in June of that year; starting with Kenneth Arnold’s sighting near Mt Rainier, to the “crashed discs” in the area of Roswell, New Mexico.

It is interesting to note however, that both CIG and the OSS did in fact investigate UFOs individually. The OSS investigated what US pilots had nicknamed “Foo Fighters” (UFOs trailing our aircraft during World War II), fearing that these objects could be a “new secret weapon” from either Germany or Japan. The OSS also investigated possible sightings of German V-1 and V-2 rockets before their operational use during the war. (Jacobs, UFO Controversy, p. 33.) The Central Intelligence Group, the predecessor of the CIA, also monitored reports of “ghost rockets” in Sweden in 1946. (CIG, Intelligence Report, 9 April 1947.)

These declassified CIA documents are of interest in regard to this subject. These links link to specific pages in PDF format on the CIA’s website.

You can view a PDF version of this document, directly from the CIA website. This pertains to the Freedom of Information Act.

2 Important Documents
That Reveal the USAF and NSA Opinions on the Subject:


UFO Hypothesis and Survival Question     (The NSA released in October 1979)