Will China Win the Space Race?

First Stealth, Then A Space Station & Then The Moon

Although the space race with the Soviet Union ended with the cold war, it now seems/appears that China may be the ultimate benefiter. China is building their own space station, and two completed modules have been launched, and docked together. China also benefits from public disclosures of X-plane prototypes, as China now has their own version of the X-37B.

China now has their own stealth fighters, and possibly other stealth technology. They are believed to have shared this stealth technolgoy with Russia and Japan. This tips the scale of power, with regard to the nations of the world.

Now that the cold war is over, the United States is falling behind China, with regard to each country’s space program. President Obama, has set the space program behind, by cancelling Project Constellation, and cancelling the development of the Orion Class CEV, which was the one to be used in Earth orbit for reaching the International Space Station. Now we have to relie on Russia’s space capsules. That would never stand, during the cold war.

Some fear, that China will go to the moon, make a claim to it, and mine it for it’s resources.

While Mars, would be the most likely target for the United States, if our manned space program is reactivated.


A space station, stealth fighters and a version of the X-37B.

The China space agency is building their own space station, and wants to go to the moon.

Obama cancelled the manned aspects of the space program in the United States. This does not help to set us forward, but rather, this sets us behind, behind China.

It seems that president Obama might not be the only one to keep the U.S. space program quarantined. But China and possibly Russia, as they might be the ones controlling that higher air space, in Earth orbit.



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