World’s First Stealth Bomber

Horten Ho 229                                                                                                                                                              German Aircraft Stealth Technology

The Horton V1 was a prototype aircraft, and the world’s first stealth aircraft.

There were two Horton V2 built, and these were a revised version of the prototype.

The Horton V3 was captured by the US Army, in Berlin, Germany, as part of Operation Paperclip.

The craft was transported by US Air Force base in Fort Worth, then to Wright Air Force base in Ohio.

The Horton Ho 227 is now located at the Smithonian Institute. This is your “alien spacecraft”, from the Roswell Incident. It is only alien in the terrestrial sense, that is, it is foreign, as it is from Germany (during the Third Reich), in the European Union. There is nothing extraterrestrial about it.

But rather, the test pilots, of the 509th Bomb Wing, probably crashed another Horton aircraft, which was destroyed, as they’re mostly constructed out of wood.


White Sands, New Mexico
This region of the country was the single most sensitive weapons-related domain in all of America. The White Sands Missile Range was home to the nation’s classified weapons-delivery systems. The nuclear laboratory up the road, the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), was where scientist had developed the atomic bomb and where they were now working on nuclear packages with a thousand times the yield. Outside Albuquerque, at a production facility called Sandie Base, assembly-line workers were forging Los Alamos nuclear packages into smaller and smaller bombs.
Forty-five miles to the southwest, at the Roswell Army Air Field, the 509th Bomb Wing was the only wing of long-range bombers equipped to carry and drop nuclear bombs.

I don’t believe any extraterrestrial craft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. I believe the army was testing one of the advanced aircraft that they captured, and brought back from Germany. Since the 509th Bomb Wing was located there, then the German aircraft would be a bomber. The Horten Ho 229 V3 was brought back to the United States, as well as other versions of the Horten Ho 229. One of these probably crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. The Army was probably testing the stealth capabilities of it, with the technology that they had available at the time. Although the term “stealth” wasn’t in use in those days. I think that a crashed stealth aircraft makes more sense than some UFO.

B-52 Stealth Bomber – American Innovation   (as innovative as China)
This is a line of crap.

The Germans invented the concept of a “Stealth Bomber”, complete with having actual prototypes. Although the first prototype was a hang-glider, for gliding test of the wing shape. The term “stealth” wasn’t in use in those days.

The United States Air Force contracted with aerospace companies, for their research and development of the “stealth bomber” concept, resulting in the B-2 Bomber.

I am a very patriotic person, but can’t be for this, for the following reasons:

The US is no better than China, steal technology from another country and improve upon it. The world’s first stealth bomber was manufactured in Germany. It was a prototype, the Horten Ho 229 V3. This was captured by the US Army, during WWII, as part of Operation Paperclip, in Nazi Germany. This was toward the end of the war or after the end of the war. It ended up at Wright Air Force base, in Ohio, where it remained for 50 years. It is now in __, at the Smithonian.

The defense contractors further developed the stealth technology. Making it more advance, through R&D. The result, is the German Horten Ho 229 V3 Bomber was improved upon, resulting in our B-52 Stealth Bomber. See, were no better than China, when it comes to the B-52.


Although I wasn’t around then, and I haven’t talked to anyone that is knowledgeable regarding this. I can reason, based on information that is available. I know what scenarios are possible, and my opinion is based on what I think is the most likely one. The Horten Ho 229 V3 does fit the facts, as to why it was locked away at Wright Air Force base for 50 years. Except for a brief time, it was brought to an USAF base in Illinois, and the wings were actually attached to it. This was the only time that the wings were attached to the Horten Ho 229 V3. The forward view, with the wings removed, could be perceived as “alien” by some. Hence the resurrection of the Orson Wells radio broadcast, the “War of the Worlds”. This is where all the “alien” crap came from.
It is only alien, in the terrestrial sense, as in foreign, as in from Nazi Germany.
What a shock, this would be to the American people. Officials in the US government probably said: “We’ll have to classify this as top secret”. Then over time, different contract workers, who at a glimps of the Horten Ho 229 V3, with out it’s wings, mistakenly thought that they saw an alien spacecraft. And some pieces of the original aircraft were probably analyzed, then they discovered the charcoal mixed in with the glue. The original would’ve gone through test to it’s radar profile back then, not just on the newest replica Northrop Grumman did on a replica that they more recently built. The Horten Ho 229 V3 is now at a hanger owned by the Smihsonian.
The Horten Ho 229 V3 has always been more midwest/eastcoast (Wright Air Force base in Ohio, then the Smithsonian (on the eastcoast)).
Area 51 developed the stealth technology, based on the Horten Ho 229 V3, and all data collected on it. The the original captured aircraft was never located there, just further R&D.

The possible scenarios regarding the Roswell Incident:

1. The US Air Force is telling the truth, and it was a balloon train, which contained a various devices. And the “crash dummies” testing parachutes. How can they tall people this stuff, with a straight face.

2. That the captured German Horten Ho 229 V3 (which was the world’s first stealth bomber) was successfully back-engineered (at Wright Air Force base, where it remained for 50 years), and the USAF contracted with their defense contractors to produce their own prototype for test, similar to that of the X-planes built by defense contractors for the USAF or NASA. This is
The bomb squad is located there. And they may have been testing and evaluating it, and the pilot may have lost control. As did the Germans, when the Horton Ho 229 V2 prototype crashed in Germany. To me, this makes the most logical sense.
The actual captured Horten Ho 229 V3 would’ve been to valuable an acquisition, to risk in test in which it could be destroyed. So the replica was built using plans of the Horten Ho 229 V3, which were also taken from Germany. But this was after studying the original, including the glue with charcoal, to reduce the radar signature to very low (as in Low Observational, the acronym is LO).
So I believe the Roswell craft consist of collected debris of a replica of a Horten Ho 229 V3, that was totaled. The pieces were important to collect, as any pieces, would risk another country developing the technology. As in current times, the Chinese may have acquired a piece of a crashed A22 Stealth Fighter, and some believe that they shared this information with Russia and Japan. And anyone now days can just download detailed images of the exterior of any US stealth aircraft, and even the cockpit area. Stealth is the way of military aircraft in the 21st century, and no longer, in just the United States. A technology invented by the Germans, with R&D in the US to create the B-52 Stealth Bomber. So in a way, were no better than China, steal a design, and then improve it.

As to why the US government claims a balloon train, because the US government does not want the general public to know that stealth technology was invented by the Germans. At the time of WWII, Germany was known as the Third Reich. And that the US did not have an understanding of that technology, while the Germans of the Third Reich did. This was during WWII, and while the US did not know what stealth was, the enemy did (although, at that time no one used the term stealth), the Third Reich did, would be very damaging politically. Then he US contracted with national defense contractors, to do the “research and development”, that resulted in the B-52 stealth bomber.This would’ve been very damaging to president Roosevelt, politically.
The cold war wasn’t about pure American based technology or pure Soviet based technology.
It was based on advanced German technology. Germans are among the most intelligent people.
Although their Third Reich was wrong, and the result of their being misguided, and of environment (a depression with no jobs). However, the cold war does pertain to how each side’s technology was enhanced or improved. As they have Soviet aircraft that they captured during various years during the cold war. But it was as much as that, as it was also a space race. The US used German scientist from WWII to transform the failed US space program NACA, into NASA, the successful space agency that sent man to the moon, thanks to paperclip scientist (See “Operation Paperclip” on Wikipedia). That’s also why the Soviets copied the US space shuttle, calling it Buran.
And it also pertains to our missile program in White Sands, there used to be paperclip scientist there too. Scientist from Los Alamo National Laboratories seem to have replaced paperclips in modern times.

3. The wingless lifting body vehicle similar to the X-38. I don’t believe this. This witness to Roswell was interviewed by Popular Mechanics in 1997. His name is Frank J. Kaufmann, former U.S. Army counterintelligence agent, that at various times had been known as either Frank McKenzie or Joseph Osborne. (he was interviewed in 1997 by Popular Mechanics).
This witness most likely forgot critical details, as it has been several decades. And he probably saw the X-38 on TV or in a newspaper or magazine or the Internet. Then that might have replaced what he forgot from decades ago. However, I don’t doubt that there may be a stealthier version. But not in those days.
This witness’s memory of the events has faded over the decades, and he’s a very old senior citizen. Case closed on that.

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Popular Mechanics (July 1997) – Roswell

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