Great White Fleet

The Great White Fleet

USS Louisiana in drydock

The Great White Fleet, USS Connecticut leads the way (1907).

Distant view of the Great White Fleet.

The Great White Fleet

Teddy’s Great White Fleet.

USS Louisiana BB-19 Coronado, CA (1908)

USS New Jersey BB-16

USS New Jersey BB-16 (side view)

USS New Jersey BB-16

USS Kearsarge (1908)

Harbor Scene – Look at all that air pollution.

USS Prairie State – Naval Residence Midshipmen Training School at New York 1940s – 1950s (FKA: USS Illinois).

Rear Admiral Robley D. Evans

The Fleet, First Squadron and First Division, were commanded by Rear Admiral Robley D. Evans.                                                  The USS Connecticut was his flagship.

Click on this link for more information on Rear Admiral Robley D. Evans.


See:  USS Wasmuth – Historic Ship of the Past
The heroic actions of Pvt Henry Wasmuth saved the life of Ensign Robley D. Evans, at the cost of Pvt Henry Wasmuth’s life, in the era of the American Civil War, during the second battle at Fort Fisher.

USS Wisconsin (BB9) – Fourth Divisional Flagship in the Great White Fleet

World Cruise of the “Great White Fleet”

U.S.S. Wisconsin (BB-9), 1901

USS Wisconsin (BB-9), 1919

Some pics of the Great White Fleet

The Captains of the Great White Fleet

List of battleships of the United States Navy

NavSource Online: Battleship Photo Archive

There are lots of post cards listed for auction on eBay, that pertain to the “Great White Fleet”.

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  1. Dustin Seager Says:

    Does anyone know who all the individuals are, especially the young sailor at the bottom of the first image is?

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