Skype on the iPod touch

No Contracts, Just Skype via Wi-Fi

Article by Brian S. Griffin (griffyclan007) on November 23, 2010

Use Skype to make FREE phone calls via Wi-Fi and VoIP

iPod Touch – The smartphone without a voice plan

The iPod Touch is a leading candidate to become your contract-free smartphone solution, thanks to VoIP apps like Skype and Line 2, and the call management of Google Voice’s web app.

For many, purchasing an Apple iPhone from AT&T just isn’t feasible.

Consider this alternative: combine a second or third-generation iPod Touch with a mobile 3G/Wi-Fi router and Skype to make FREE phone calls.

The iPod Touch G4 has a built-in microphone. Let me do the math: iTouch + mic + Wi-Fi + Skype app (VoIP) = near iPhone functionality! Or at least as close to it as you could get without a cellular antenna.

And if you need to, you can use a prepaid cellular phone (NET10 or Tracfone), just as a back-up, for times you absolutely need cellular. That seems like the least expensive way to go, and now Apple’s basically handed us that possibility on a sleek glass and stainless steel platter.

Bluetooth on the iPod Touch

The iPod Touch (iTouch) has had bluetooth since G2. G3 got a microphone, and Skype can access the microphone in the G4. The iPod Touch G4 also allows you to access the microphone of a Bluetooth Headset. Previously, you could only access the headphones of a Bluetooth Headset, not the microphone. This requires you to install firmware 3.0, and you must jailbreak your iPod Touch.

Free Phone Number for the iPod Touch

There is even a free phone number to ring your iPod Touch

a way to get a phone number for your Skype enabled iPod Touch. Although, it uses an area code for the State of Washington. For details, go to:


All you need is a way to forward calls to a voice-mail, for when your out of wi-fi range.

Jailbreak iPod Touch with firmware 3.0, and Skype application.

Free Phone Number – $23 per year, the catch is the phone number has a State of Washington area code.

Bluetooth Headset – G2 and G3 only enable headset for music, mic is disable by iPod Touch. G4 fixes this problem.

Digital Camera – The G4 has the integrated digital camera, but only at 0.7 megapixel.

All you need is a jailbroken iPod Touch (with Firmware 3.0), the Skype app (VoIP) and a pair of headphones with mic. Make sure the mic works specifically for the iPod Touch – iPhone’s headphones don’t.

The advantages of making FREE Skype to Skype calls are too many to be left out of the picture. Skype functionality will enable you to have various benefits. These include quality voice calls that have superb clarity, ability to chat free with those having accounts with them all over the world, affordable calls including to mobile phones and landline, among others.

Skype Application for iPod Touch is really taking communication to another level. It is actually made cheaper and convenient to have a chat with a friend away from home with ease.

With this great mobile application, we are talking about VoIP phone calls from your iPod Touch. What an interesting scenario bearing in mind that some few years back you could only make calls using an iPhone but not an iPod Touch.

It meant a heavy investment, first on the upfront fees on acquiring the iPhone and second on monthly fees to the provider.

Skype Application for iPod Touch is not just any other application in the market. It is a kind of revolution in the communication industry. You just can’t afford to ignore.

Acquisition of information regarding the Skype Application for iPod Touch is very vital, especially during the current economic meltdown.

The iPhone and iPod Touch are almost indistinguishable devices except for one major difference – you can make calls from you iPhone, and you can’t from your iPod Touch.

For the privilege of making phone calls with your iPhone, you have to pay $100 more upfront to Apple for the device itself, plus a minimum of $60/month to AT&T for the next two years.

Lets say you didn’t need that kind of firepower from your iPod Touch, but that you would like to use it to make a phone call every now and then. You can, all you need are a jailbroken iPod Touch or iPhone, Touchmod headphones (you can Google search Touchmod, iPhone headphones with mics don’t work on the iPod Touch).

The types of Touchmod mics, from the dongle that plugs into the syncing port to the headphone and mic combo that works much like the iPhone headphones. Cost between $50 and $60.

Technical Stuff

The first generation iPod Touch did not come with a bluetooth chip integrated.

The second generation iPod Touch has a Broadcom BCM4325 Bluetooth 2.1+EDR chip built-in. This chipset also offers FM support, but Apple has displayed zero interest in FM historically. The G2 got the bluetooth chip and headphone jack microphone support, which the G1 lacked.

The iPhone OS 3.0 update brings stereo Bluetooth support to the 2nd generation iPod Touch, although it will only work with compatible Bluetooth stereo headphones or speakers.

The iPhone 3.0 unlocks Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR with support for wireless streaming 2-channel audio with A2DP, wireless accessory control, and peer-to-peer connections.

However, it’s still very crippled as you might not even be able to use that Bluetooth hands free headset to Skype, which is really unfair to be honest as Bluetooth is supposed to be an open protocol.

The Broadcom BCM4325 wireless communications chip in iPod Touch which provides the Bluetooth capabilities also has an FM transmitter in it which still doesn’t work even after the 3.0 update.

Comparision of iPod Touch and iPhone

Consider how features in the new iPod Touch are more phone-like than before. The iPod Touch’s most significant additions are its front and rear facing cameras. These allow users to take pictures without lugging around a digital camera – a signature phone feature even before smartphones came along – and to conduct video calls over Facetime.

With the camera comes two other important features: speakers and a microphone. While previous iPod Touches required an external headset for VoIP apps, now Skype conversations can be conducted by speaker phone.

Speakers are nice, but without an actual earpiece – the other, quieter speaker that points directly into your ear – iPod Touch calls are everybody’s business. Your only workaround is to sync a Bluetooth headset for private phone calls.

The iPod Touch’s rear-facing camera is inferior to that of the iPhone, shooting a mere 960-by-720 resolution, which translates to roughly 0.7 megapixels. That’s worse than any iPhone ever. The iPod Touch has no 3G radio, so you can’t actually subscribe to a data plan with it, and no GPS, relying on Wi-Fi triangulation instead.

A lot of people call it an iPhone withut the phone, it’s also an iPhone without a contract.

Free Skype calls and cheap calls to phones – Skype

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Skype Killer – Google Voice
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