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Smallville Season 10 – Superman Costume

July 23, 2010

The Smallville Superman Costume (for Season 10) from the Season 10 Trailer at comic-con.

The costume will supposedly make its debut on the season premier titled LAZARUS.
For more information on the Season 10 Spoilers, just follow this link:

Source: San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2010

Hail Storm – Texas State Capitol (2008)

July 6, 2010
On Wednesday (March 14th, 2008), one of the worst hailstorms in Texas’ state capital history hammered Austin. It was intense! Some of the hail was up to baseball size, four-inch hail.
Damage from a hail storm that tore across the Austin area, left cars damaged by baseballs or golf ball sized ice during hail storm.
The storm knocked out power, uprooted trees, shattered glass windows and left hundreds of cars with visible hail damage.
The hail from the storm also dented cars and broke windows in a number of homes, and churches. Someone even said that those condos that are being built had many windows broken.
The hail storm had knocked down seven to eight large oak trees on the state Capitol grounds, estimated to be between 75 and 100 years old, bore the brunt of the swirling winds and were uprooted and blew out windows in the dome of the capital building. These trees were uprooted and laying on the ground, just like you would expect to see on TV on an episode of “Smallville”.
The State Preservation Board had estimated that some fifteen more trees have major damage, some of which also had to be removed.
The city park next to the historical building also had a ton of tree damage.
My personal account of the hail storm, the sky got dark fast, I was outside, took shelter on the porch of a church, that was a brick building with a larger enclosed brick porch area. That is where I took shelter. There was a sudden downburst of rain, and the fear of tornados.
There were powerful winds blowing in every direction, and I had to run from one side, then the other and so on, to avoid the rain, as much as I could. And I still remember those strong winds.
When the storm ended, and I left the brick porch, I remember hearing several alarms going off in different directions. These were building alarms, although there may have been some car alarms too. I noticed a piece of spanish roofing smashed on the sidewalk, which had broken off of a church during the hail storm. Some parts of Austin had tornado sirens going off.
The hail storm damages are estimated at $50 million.
The average home claim was about $3,500 while the average vehicle claim was about $3,000.