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August 22, 2009

Smallville Season 9 Spoiler Update

By Brian Griffin

Smallville S09E05 Idol

Lex Luthor isn’t really dead, the mythos are kind of enforced by DC Comics.¬†Smallvill’s idea to keep the character, Lex Luthor, alive and make his presence reallly felt. And the Jimmy Olsen that died at the end of last season wasn’t the real Jimmy Olsen.

The character that died was Henry James Olsen, he was known by his middle name, as if it was his first name. The real Jimmy Olsen is James Bartholomew Olsen, and he is the kid Chloe gave the camera to. He is supposted to be a decade younger than Clark and Lois, and DC Comics wasn’t happy that he was protrayed as the same age as Clark and Lois. Smallville, by killing their own Jimmy Olsen and revealing that he was the real Jimmy’s brother is a quick fix. Smallville’s way of correcting that.

Smallville is now casting the roles of Twyla, a “Pixie-punk teen”, and her brother “Tanner”, a “hot skater dude”, cough “Zan and Jayna”. Holy, Superfriends!” “Wonder Twins powers activate?” So this is Smallville’s interpretation and modernization of the Wonder Twins.

In the 5th episode of season 9 “Idol”, these two spray paint an “S” on the roof of a badguy’s limo, to catch the attantion of their idol, the Blur. Later, the duo visit Watchtower and see all of the high-tech gear that Chloe has within, Jayna “Twyla” ask Chloe if she’s actually met the Blur, and if she is the Blur’s sidekick. Chloe tells them that Watchtower provides support to all of the heroes of Metropolis. “Twyla” wants to tweet her “group” about what she has seen, and Chloe warns that if she says one word to anyone about it, any trace of her virtual existence will be evaporated.

Wondertwins A bitter Chloe is a sign of the current state of the Chloe-Clark interaction. Chloe tells them that ” if you get good enough at it, one day you might find yourself saving your best friend, from an enemy, or even from himself.

MetalloMetallo, former mild-mannered reporter John Corbon (Daily Planet), he will become sleeker as the season progresses. He undergoes his cybernetic procedure at a LuthorCorp facility and has an unknown benefactor. That benefactor is more likely than not, Lex Luthor.